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From: gs <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 2010 15:13:12 GMT
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Carlos wrote:
> On May 5, 2:58 am, John Hurley <> wrote:
>> Mladen:
>>> Well, yes, that is true. However, I don't think that you will find any
>>> Ubuntu servers in the Fortune 500 company server rooms, running critical
>>> services. That is still entrusted to Red Hat.
>> Not many probably ... Red Hat and OEL seem to be the only 2 flavors
>> ( one really I guess you could argue ) that we see in my area.

> We run SuSE ES 9 64!! ;-)
> Cheers.
> Carlos.

As an aside, I just installed Ubuntu 10 on an older pc I am setting up for one of my kids. This is my first linux desktop install in quite awhile (Suse 9) and I have to say I'm impressed at how much friendlier it has become. Connecting to internet via a wireless bridge repeater and it had no problems finding it, wanted to put all the educational programs on it and that was accomplished with a simple "sudo apt-get install edubuntu-desktop" and going for a coffee while it did that. No more installing never ending daisy chained libraries/dependencies just to install a simple app this time.

Is it linux for mom & pop yet? Not quite, but for my mom who uses her PC strictly for internet browsing, scanning old pics and downloading from her digital camera, definitely. Perhaps cut down on all the "there is this window that tells me my computer is probably infected and offering a free virus scan popping up, should I click ok?", or at least not worry about them as much..

But getting her to install something with sudo apt-get..? nope Received on Wed May 05 2010 - 10:13:12 CDT

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