Re: Can a procedure contain only a SELECT statement?

From: Galen Boyer <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 00:02:34 -0400
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"Jonathan Lewis" <> writes:

> Would anyone care to make a technical comment on
> my earlier comment
> I'm still interested to hear how the front-end code can handle the
> output from a procedure when it doesn't have any information
> about what that output might look like.

From the java perspective, a procedure executes, and because you called it, you know whether it returns a result set or not, so, in java you ask the result set object for the result set, so, to the java coder, the API works as expected. But, the issue seems to be exposed by the error checking that is forced upon the java codebase. Upon execution of a procedure within Sybase (and I guess in SQL Server) you have to iterate a stack of things. Each thing is tested as to whether it is a return code or not, and if it is a return code, then a boolean of yes or no tells you whether the procedure has errored or was successful. Within the procedure, an error does not actually bubble to the top as it does in Oracle, but, instead gets put on this stack of things.

So, on this return stack is, exactly as you are questioning, multiple types of things. How is the client supposed to interpret these different things. My guess is that the implementation of the jdbc drivers iterate the same stack I just described looking for result sets, and then, return those things.

That is what I know and am surmising from the java perspective. I would guess its the same in other client codebases

Galen Boyer

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