Re: How do oracle programmers send batches of SQL from inside a program?

From: Thomas Gagne <>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 07:31:41 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Galen Boyer wrote:
> <snip>
> I would test this theory. In your OP, you said you were sending
> multiple select statements. I'd prove out that you are actually saving
> anything when you send multiple statements at once. Each statement
> would be returning a resultset. Where is the savings on the way out?

I've already done that and the savings are dramatic.

Listen, if Oracle can't do it that's OK. I'll figure out how best to do it with what Oracle does provide and move on to the next problem. Received on Sun Mar 21 2010 - 06:31:41 CDT

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