Re: The penny hasn't dropped yet...

From: Steve Howard <>
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 06:19:54 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Mar 2, 7:35 pm, Noons <> wrote:
> Got this from MOS, after submitting a SR:
> Dear My Oracle Support Customer
> Service Request #3-1506509011 does not have Configuration Id, it is
> recommended that you provide one to receive a faster solution.
> Thank you,
> The My Oracle Support Team
> Amazing!  Now, not only do we have to pay through our noses for ANY
> support, if we don't install a viral tool that sends unknown
> information to Oracle, we get low-speed solutions as well?
> When are these geniuses gonna fathom that only an ignorant,
> irresponsible moron would accept to install a "configuration tool"
> that sends undisclosed information to Oracle, including such pearls as
> the internal MAC address of network cards?
> Apparently, it hasn't dropped yet with these geniuses that NO ONE in
> their right state of mind will accept to install such a tool.
> And for the silly groupies who might feel inclined to reply they have
> been using it for ages without problems: I don't give a toss what you
> might do, you are not me and you don't run under the same conditions I
> have to run my security. Capice?

I used the OCM tool not long ago, and it uploaded the wrong information to Oracle. It took four (wasted) days of working on an SR to determine that.

I have also found the best analysts never ask for an RDA. They always ask for what is relevant to your problem (alert log, crsd logs, etc.), and then work their way to more stuff if there is a need. Received on Sun Mar 07 2010 - 08:19:54 CST

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