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From: Sybrand Bakker <>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 11:11:09 +0100
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On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 11:46:24 -0800 (PST), Mladen Gogala <> wrote:

>On Feb 26, 1:35 pm, "Matthias Hoys" <> wrote:
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>> >I am trying to practice RAC upgrade. I installed and configured oracle
>> >  single node RAC, downloaded and verified the installation
>> > requests for 11.2.0 with the reasonable output of cluvfy and proceeded to
>> > the installation. The software is now asking for "SCAN addresses". I was
>> > barely able to convince my administrator to allocate me an additional
>> > address for every RAC node, now I have to go to her and ask for more
>> > addresses? WTF?
>> > Oracle 10g RAC was a sheer disaster, plagued by the many bugs (couldn't
>> > use multipath, vipca was legendary for being buggy) and the installation
>> > was extremely hard. Instead of making a product that would be easy and
>> > seamless to install, they have screwed it up to the hilt - again. I am
>> > just out of my meeting with the CIO in which I recommended against
>> > upgrading to 11g in the foreseeable future. I thought that Oracle will
>> > not be able to make a more horrifying disaster than Oracle10g was, but
>> > they outdid themselves. I wonder who was the effing idiot that has
>> > designed the product. Oracle is definitely going downhill.
>> > --
>> >
>> If you dislike Oracle's software so much, why don't you consider a career
>> change? DB2 or MS SQL? Or Postgresql?
>> No need to get frustrated on your job, there are plenty of possibilities in
>> IT.
>> Matthias
>I am sure that there is a career in pop-psychology awaiting you,
>somewhere down the road. As for me, I am using oracle for more than 21
>years now and the changes I see are quite recent. Oracle10g RAC on
>Linux was only the beginning. After that came the fact there there is
>no for 2 years now, then botched Metalink "upgrade", stopping
>publication of the internal information and now this. As for my
>career with other databases, you have a point there. I am a part of a
>pilot project to migrate several databases to Postgres. One of the
>databases has already been migrated to Postgres and the project is a
>success. If that's what Oracle wants me to do, I will gladly start
>exploring the possibility of migrating RAC configurations to DB2 which
>has something very similar to RAC.
>Oracle RAC 11.2.0 is, in my opinion, a lousy product. I have been
>working with OPS in version 7 and version 8, I have installed and
>successfully maintained RAC in both 9i and 10g and I am fully
>qualified to call spade a spade. There's nothing personal here.
>Simply, Oracle Corp. has changed, it has become a Microsoft like
>entity. If you speak for the Oracle Corp. no problem, I will consider
>your advice. I am a DBA 1.0, first and foremost. Oracle RAC 11.2.0 is
>a lousy product. Metalink is a disaster. Oracle 10g RAC for Linux is a
>disaster. I am afraid that Oracle Corp. has lost a lot credibility, at
>least as far as I am concerned. My advice to you is to forgo upgrade
>to RAC 11.2.0, at least as long as the product is like it is now. You
>may want to pursue a career in pop-psychology or go to oracle-l where
>your feelings will be protected.

Addiing to this recently we wre unable to upgrade to RAC on Windows Itanium, and were forced to switch to EMD as Oracle didn't have the hardware to reproduce the problem. The compoany was a;ready planning to dump Oracle in favor of sqlserver.

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA
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