Re: Oracle Auditing

From: The Magnet <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 07:32:28 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 22, 9:18 am, John Hurley <> wrote:
> On Feb 22, 10:04 am, The Magnet <> wrote:
> snip
> > Has anyone used some of the Oracle FGA?  We're needing to enable some
> > auditing.  I'm having trouble getting it to work.  Reading all the
> > documentation on this is taking a while as there are so many options.
> > We're running 10g R2 Enterprise on CentOS.  We want to basically audit
> > everything that 5 users do.  Can anyone help me with the command
> > syntax for this?  I tried this to spool it to a file with no luck:
> > ALTER SYSTEM SET audit_file_dest=/u05/NI00/audit;
> > audit all by customer,product,data_holder,mutual_fund,orders by
> > access;
> > Thanks.
> It would probably help if you supplied an error message.
> Did you ever hear of putting single quotes around parameters when
> doing an alter system?
> Lots of examples around the internet of how to do it ...

Actually there was no error message, Oracle took the commands. But after bouncing the database, nothing appeared in the auditing view or in the file which was supposed to be on disk. So, I'm assuming that I did something incorrectly.

I know there are lots of examples, I'm just trying to find the right one so I do not have to keep bouncing the database again and again until I get it right.

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