Re: sqlldr not recognizing a file without an extension on Solaris

From: z1hou1 <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 09:11:18 -0800 (PST)
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Thank you all for your suggestions. While I could resolve this issue in more ways than one and definitely in ways suggested by ddf, Tony Sequeira and David Fitzjarrell, I was actually curious why sqlldr had this difference in behavior for accessing a file without a "." and/or an extension between Unix and Windows. And I was particularly intrigued why sqlldr could not recognize such a file, while the Unix ls command recognized the same file without an extension or the period.

Whatever I am doing is part of something large and runs under a framework that invokes tools with parameters, in this case it is sqlldr, a control file and a data file. The sqlldr not being able to handle a file without a period or an extension came as a bit of a shock. Having said that, I was actually appalled to see a formal file part of a daily process given to the downstream system without an extension.

I simply told the upstream people to give the downstream system the same file with an extension and keep the solution simple and preprocessing  down to a minimum. If that is refused, yes, I will go with a small amount of pre-processing and move on.

It is apparent that sqlldr on Unix/Solaris cannot recognize a filename without an extension. I was well aware of the .dat assumption. But the windows implementation threw me off - where it recognizes a file without any extension or the period as long as we said data=<filename>. (period in the end).

Once again, thank you all.

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