Re: rant - does oracle know how to design a website?

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 20:57:06 +0100
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Op 17-2-2010 16:24, Frank van Bortel schreef:
> Shakespeare wrote:
>> Op 9-2-2010 7:02, vsevolod afanassiev schreef:
>>> Yes, the page is awful, my metalink usage is 5% of what it used to be
>> I agree. Even the "back" key does't work like it should.
>> By the way (bit off topic): did anyone notice the emerging usage of
>> "&apos;" on websites? And how IE8 does not understand this?
>> Shakespeare
> Who uses IE*, then?
> Go Iron...

Unfortunately, I can't tell my clients which web browser they should use, and about 78% use IE. (I could tell them, but they may have no choice in office or class environments)
And a sign "Designed for anything but IE" is no option either.

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