Re: rant - does oracle know how to design a website?

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2010 12:21:12 +0100
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Op 9-2-2010 11:17, mhoys schreef:
>> By the way (bit off topic): did anyone notice the emerging usage of
>> "&apos;" on websites? And how IE8 does not understand this?
>> Shakespeare
> I was not really aware of this problem until now (mainly using
> Firefox) but indeed, I could reproduce this on IE8.
> It appears that this was already a problem in IE7. This is what I
> found as explanation:
> "The named character reference&apos; (the apostrophe, U+0027) was
> introduced in XML 1.0 but does not appear in HTML. Authors should
> therefore use&#39; instead of&apos; to work as expected in HTML 4
> user agents."
> So, Internet Exploder is more correct than Firefox?
> Matthias

This time it is more strict. Unforunately, I use dbms_xmlparser to parse some RSS feeds and they contain a lot of these codes. Replacing them via an XSLT does not work, they get back in again, because this package translates &#39; back to "&apos;". If I use ` in the xslt, it works fine (but shows all apostrophes like this, which is hardly noticeable for end users).

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