Re: Physical Standby Database and v$Recover_file Query

From: Johne_uk <>
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 06:51:57 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On 6 Feb, 06:38, vsevolod afanassiev <> wrote:
> If standby database opened in read inly mode then select from v
> $recoverf_file will return no rows as there is nothing to recover -
> all files are consistent.
> What exactly is 'standby mode' - managed recovery mode?
> Check V$DATABASE, you should gave
> Are you able to test activation?


It is a physical standby instance running in managed receovery mode as you suggest above.

I have scripts that copy the generated archive logs to the remote standby location and applied manually.

i.e. alter database register physical logfile xxxxxxxx;

As well as the issue above, I have just realised something else is incorrect (this is the first time I've created a standby database).

The archives logs are being registered but not applied. The sql below returned all archive logs I had registed since the instance was created from primary.

select sequence#, applied from v$archived_log where applied <> 'YES'

I automatically purge archive logs files older than 3 days on the standby server so as they have not actually been applied then it cannot be activated (no logs to recover from). I'm aware the Dataguard looks after this process but in this scenario I cannot use Dataguard.

So I obviously have missed something that will apply the logs after they have been registered.

I'm wondering if I need to issue the following command periodically to apply logs:-

alter database recover managed standby database cancel; alter database recover standby database until cancel; alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session;

Would this then apply all the logs that had been registered ?

Many thanks Received on Mon Feb 08 2010 - 08:51:57 CST

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