Re: New dbTrends Software Product for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK Released

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Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 08:35:48 -0800 (PST)
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On Feb 3, 1:21 pm, spviewer <> wrote:
> Hello,
> spViewer Software is proud to announce new premier software product
> "dbTrends for Oracle AWR and STATSPACK". This new software is the next
> generation of our world-known and popular products Statspack Viewer
> and spViewer Enterprise. dbTrends is based on a new performance tuning
> and monitoring approach based on historical baselines comparisons.
> The main key software features and benefits are:
> * dbTrends supports all versions of STATSPACK and AWR up to Oracle
> 11.2 release.
> * New tuning and monitoring approach based on baselines comparisons.
> * Much more insights into database performance trends comparing with
> standard Enterprise Manager.
> * Customers without Oracle diagniostic and tuning packs license can
> benefit from using free STATSPACK for database performance tuning and
> monitoring.
> * Customers with Oracle diagniostic and tuning packs are provided with
> advanced insights into all performance data gathered by AWR.
> * Offline performance tuning and monitoring of remote databases
> without direct access to databases. This feature is especially usefule
> for IT consultancies which provide remote support and tuning of
> customers databases basing on only standard AWR and STATSPACK text
> reports.
> * Intelligent caching technology providing high performance of data
> analysis and charting.
> * Very low software license prices. No any annual software maintenance
> and support fees for registered customers. You can build very cost-
> effective performance tuning and monitoring solution for Oracle
> databases based on free STATSPACK technology.
> * Many other useful software features are available.
> Please find more details and download dbTrends for Oracle product from
> our sitewww.spviewer.comWe very appreciate your feedback and will be
> happy to answer all your questions.

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