Re: problem in Oracle 10g window 7

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 21:59:29 +0100
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Op 3-2-2010 21:30, Mubashir schreef:
> Frank do you know that how many languages i knows? pushto(fluent),urdu
> (fluent),
> and english(improving and understand but face problem while explaining
> etc) .if i ask u to learn pushto i think it will be impossible for u
> to learn it .because there are hundreds of accents in
> pushto ...............i clearly donot understand what u mean to say ?
> but what i understood i have leav d u should
> help me in this concern.......

I think Frank means that short words like "u" instead of "you", "pls" for "please", "wanna" for "want to" etcetera are not considered to be "well written". I'm sure his Pushto is a lot worse than your English...(don't know about his Urdu though) Some people just hate to see sms-language and other "slang" enter the forums. But if you have to learn English from songs, films and Internet, it may just seem normal English to you.

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