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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 21:25:19 -0000
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> > It's about conditional execution of .sql files - am looking at ways to
> > automate install/upgrades which cannot be done using PL/SQL.
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> SQL*Plus can do a lot more than most people expect. Check out how
> folks at Oracle are doing it: take any recent CPU patch and inspect
> catcpu.sql and you'll immediately see a way to launch .sql scripts
> conditionally; or take a look at _at_?/rdbms/admin/catbundle.sql for more
> complex example of conditional script *generation* and execution. The
> technique itself is not new: you combine PL/SQL for evaluating
> conditions and choosing scripts to run, bind variables to convey
> arguments and hold results, and SQL*Plus user variables to actually
> launch chosen scripts, possibly with chosen arguments. These patch
> application scripts are an excellent example of the technique you can
> build on.

Many thanks, the best and most relevant response to this thread. Though to be fair, I'm glad we all know how to spell each other's names now.

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