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From: joel garry <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 09:10:25 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 8, 12:22 am, vsevolod afanassiev
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> Hi bob123,
> I think you approach will work, just include step to rename datafiles
> (after taking it offline and before recovering). In fact I remember
> using this method a few years ago.
> Not sure why people responding saying that you need to take it offline
> before copying. Some time ago I needed to move a database from one
> server to another (same OS) with minimal downtime. I thought that
> physical standby database should help, but there was a minor
> difference in OS version. Called Oracle Support and their response was
> "your method will work but it is unsupported. Supported method is to
> shut down the database and copy files when db is down".

Something was bothering me about all this, since I had vague recollections of being able to do it online, and you put your finger on it. I speculate the online copy is unsupported because if there are still transactions in the online redo log when the copied file is bought online, the recovery may need to specify those. Seems strange (and perhaps it is handled in automatic recovery, I don't know, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet), but just think of all the "why do I get file needs more recovery?" questions over the years. Maybe there are just too many odd cases to test it all properly. Maybe someone just decided set newname in rman makes it moot.

Test it, but I believe this is equivalent to what the OP was saying, taking the bulk of the time before offlining:

  1. Use RMAN to copy the datafile.
  2. Offline the datafile.
  3. Use RMAN run command: set newname to rename it, then switch datafile.
  4. Online datafile.


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