Re: Oracle 11g r2 one node RAC

From: Noons <>
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:46:47 +1100
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joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 31/12/2009 3:56 AM:
>>> Failover protection for
>>> database and server
>>> failures
>> Failover to WHAT, since it's a single node?

> They are referring to running RAC on a single node of a cluster, so
> they can auto start on another node when failover.

Yeah, but they don't tell anyone that. It's simply stated that one-node RAC can do all that. It can't. Not by itself.

>>> Operating System Rolling
>>> Upgrades and Patches
>> How?  In a single node?  I'd love to see proof...

> That would be the Omotion utility. "Your search - oracle +omotion
> - did not match any documents. "
> Funny what sites come up googling for Omotion. I still have a button
> from the early '80s that has a circular TKB forever and ever and
> ever... (referring to the DEC Task Builder, particularly its
> performance on Rainbow IIRC). Perhaps now we need one that says DKB
> forever and ever and ever and...

Look, when RAC first came out I asked Grant Ronald very specifically: exactly how does one address upgrades and patches in a RAC setup?

His "reassuring" answer was: "it's all automatic". Alarm bells straight up, everytime someone from Oracle says: "it's all automatic"!

That was with 9i, nearly 10 years ago! Nowadays, they still can't do it... I'll bet anything that Omotion only works in one system: the one they use for demos!

>>> Online load balancing and
>>> scale-up
>> And that of course is possible with a single node?

> Simple, just move to a larger VM. Or two. (what was that goofy face
> smiley again?)

Oh yeah! LOL!

>>>  Support for all Oracle
>>> supported platforms
>> Ah OK: so single node non_RAC does not support all platforms that RAC supports?
>>   Where is the RAC version for Mac osx then?

> Glad I wasn't sipping the coffee just then...

But the really sad thing is these marketing nongs make claims like that without even checking their own product range!
Talk about absolutely, totally, *no clue*!...

Cripes, half the add-on product range of the last two years has been on Linux only! For a long time the best advantage of Oracle was their portability and availability in a wide range of platforms, now they are finally shooting themselves in the foot with their strongest (only?) advantage...

>>>  Increases the benefit of
>>> Oracle VM with the high
>>> availability and scalability of
>>> Oracle RAC
>> How many sites out there are running production RAC dbs in a virtual
>> environment?  Last time I asked back in mid2009, I got no answer...

> Yeah, it's like how many DB2 environments are running 32000 linux
> images.

Couldn't have said it better! Received on Wed Dec 30 2009 - 20:46:47 CST

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