Re: Oracle 11g r2 one node RAC

From: joel garry <>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 09:13:55 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 28, 5:42pm, zigzagdna <> wrote:
> On Dec 28, 5:05pm, newbie <> wrote:
> > On Dec 28, 10:30am, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> > > On Dec 25, 10:35pm, zigzagdna <> wrote:
> > > snip
> > > > I am very confused with Oracle documentation..
> > > > If one can run several instances of a database on One Node, then it
> > > > adds value. For example, one instance can have init.ora optimized for
> > > > OLTP, another instance of init.ora optimezed for DSS etc, still one
> > > > has just one database and one Node. Both instances can ahve thier own
> > > > ORALE_HOME, one can do rolling upgrades.
> > > Why don't you setup a test environment and check it out?
> > snip
> > Both instances can ahve thier own> > ORALE_HOME, one can do rolling upgrades.
> > snip
> > Huh ?
> > Are you sure you can do rolling upgrades ?
> > I dont think so.
> Whatever rolling uogrades RAC allows in multi-node environment, I
> think one should be able to do in one node RAC.

Yes, according to the marketing materials, you can migrate the one node to another node, upgrade the original node, then migrate back - and these can be virtual nodes. I got a laugh when I tried to access the marketing materials and got a "file is damaged" error, but was able to see it with google quick view. (same link as Mark posted, I now see).

> I still do not know what is the value of one node RAC if only a single
> instance of database can be on one node.

I think Noons, Mladen and hpuxrac said the real value, but the marketing material spake thus:

High Availability

Failover protection for
database and server

Operating System Rolling
Upgrades and Patches

Database Rolling Patches

Server scalability with no
core limit

Online load balancing and

Online upgrade to Oracle
Support for all Oracle
supported platforms
Standardized database
deployment across enterprise
Increases the benefit of
Oracle VM with the high
availability and scalability of
Oracle RAC

In my site, I don't need RAC, though there is a big push for virtual environments on everything else (Virtual Iron).


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