Checking for Oracle Home incompatibilities

From: Uzoma <>
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 21:37:45 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

I've been trying to install Oracle on Solaris 10 (sparc) for the past week without progress. Below is what I get. What baffles me is that, I did not choose to install the oracle companion cd. I just want to install the database.

"Checking for Oracle Home incompatibilities ... Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<< Problem: Oracle 10g Database Companion CD products can only be installed into an existing Oracle Database 10g Oracle Home. Recommendation: Choose an existing Oracle Database 10g Oracle Home for installing this software."

Please help

Ray Received on Sun Dec 20 2009 - 23:37:45 CST

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