Re: Compression

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:42:53 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Dec 14, 2:41 pm, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:


> The word "compression" is very fashionable these days. I find that
> strange because everybody keeps telling me how cheap disks are these days
> and yet, there is a slew of compression algorithms all around: MP3,
> MPEG-2,OGG, ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, everything is compressed to save the
> inexpensive and cheap disk space. Oracle seems to have noticed the
> fashion so they have released a package which should produce the 11.2
> behavior. The package is called "Oracle Advanced Compression Advisor" and
> is described here:
> compression-advisor.html
> Has anybody played with that? Is there any possibility of compressing the
> table for OLTP or ("ALL OPERATIONS" in 11.1) in Oracle 10g?

This is covered in the concepts and new features guides for 11g. Received on Mon Dec 14 2009 - 19:42:53 CST

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