Re: stored outlines set?

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 19:45:13 +0000 (UTC)
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On Tue, 17 Nov 2009 09:33:55 -0800, sbrjd wrote:

> How can I determine if "alter system set use_stored_outlines.." has been
> issued?
> Steven Rosenthal
> databases etc
> Columbia University IT

I don't think you can. The most comprehensive set of the parameters resides in X$KSPPI and there is nothing there:

 SQL> select ksppinm from x$ksppi where ksppinm like '%outl%';



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SQL> Maybe, it can be read if you dump SGA but I don't know how to read Oracle dumps.

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