Re: Metalink disaster

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 08:21:31 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

On Nov 14, 12:57 am, Mladen Gogala <> wrote:


> This thing with the Metalink is turning into an unmitigated disaster of
> biblical proportions. I tried to log into Metalink because I want to open
> a TAR, but I can't get in. Here is my problem:

It started working for me yesterday consistently. Was able to login a bunch of times yesterday starting late morning. No failures. I was able to login last night ( checking access from home ) and again this morning I am able to get in.

To me anyhow it appears as if MOS may be "somewhat fixed". What problems are you having when you try to log in? Received on Sat Nov 14 2009 - 10:21:31 CST

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