Re: metalink still unuseable the 2nd day ...

From: Tim X <>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 20:04:10 +1100
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Noons <> writes:

> On Nov 12, 1:38 am, MBPP <> wrote:
>> IE also worked fine (version 8). I also noted they call the SWF
>> directly without a "wrapper" to check Flash version, etc. My Flash
>> version here is 10.0.32, try to upgrade if you have version 9, maybe
>> it can help? I read somewhere that they demand 9.0.115 or greater I
>> think.
> Oh great! So now, besides having to figure out all the db versions
> and patches to make things work, we also are supposed to track the
> "consistency" of browser version and flash version?
> Welcome to the brave new world of dba2.0: spend all your time trying
> to get the "easy, time-saving UI" to work!
> I'm on 10.0.32 Flash and latest FF and still having minor nagging
> problems with it. It'll go away, I'm sure. But did it really need to
> be like this?

You think you have problems. I'm a blind developer and have now lost all the handy tools I use to have to make metalink accessible. If javascript wasn't a bad enough addition, flash makes it pretty much impossible for me. Given a few months, I'll find a solution, but in the meantime....

All I have to do is hang in another 10 years and then I can call it quits. A while back, I thought I'd make it, but now its looking less certain.

The sad, but slightly positive side is that I'm running into an increasing number of clients who are keen to get away from Oracle. Thankfully, most of them are not interested in MySQL, but rather postgres.

From a developer perspective, I've always really enjoyed working with Oracle databases. I've never been very impressed with much of the rest of their 'tools', but the database has always been good to me. Unfortunately, it seems the add-ons and tools seem to be becoming the big marketing hype.

Going by recent experiences with Oracle web sites, I doubt you could say its a good advertisement for what they have on offer. A bit sad really as I suspect many will end up thinking none of it is any good when in reality, I suspect its just poor integration with purchased 3rd party stuff.


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