Re: WAN Connection Issue

From: bdbafh <>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 11:35:41 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 10, 2:24 pm, Alinux <> wrote:
> Hi All
> I have a OCI client on a LAMP server where PHP creates a connection to
> a Oracle 8i server on a remote location through a WAN link.
> If I take my laptop which contains a virtual machine that is a clone
> of the LAMP server I can connect at the client's remote WAN link.
> However, if I do try to create an Oracle connection on the LAMP server
> or through my Laptop on the LAMP server location. I get the following
> error:
> ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested
> in connect descriptor
> I doubt it is a config error since it does work on the remote client's
> location. So I am looking more towards some network issue.
> The client has opened port 1521. However, when I do a tcpdump I also
> notice that the php client is trying to access the server on another
> random port. I did some googeling and there seem to be some
> workarounds on this. One thing that is out of question is to open all
> ports on the firewall. The solutions I found are:
> There are three workarounds
> - set up connection manager on the database server
> - set up mts on the database server to a fixed port
> - set use_shared_sockets = true
> I am not much of a Oracle guy, however I need to provide some concrete
> instructions to the db admins about what they should do on the server
> side to solve this.
> Which of the 3 solutions above is a server side solution and any more
> detailed instructions about it ?
> Regards

congrats on listing the version of the database server software as 8i. is that:


version of the Oracle client software?

e.g. client

Operating system of the client and server?

If you upgrade both client and server to this problem will (likely) magically go away and you won't have to delve any further, like into a non-accessible Metalink Oracle Support site.

-bdbafh Received on Tue Nov 10 2009 - 13:35:41 CST

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