Re: Oracle password problem

From: Mark D Powell <>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:22:55 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Oct 29, 12:21 pm, neilsolent <> wrote:
> Hi
> We have Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 - and the admin user account
> passwords have been lost   (sys, system etc). I urgently need to login
> to increase tablespaces!
> I have tried this procedure to recover:
> 1. Stop the Oracle service of the instance you want to change the
> passwords of.
> 2. Find the PWD###.ora file for this instance, this is usuallly
> located atC:\oracle\ora81\database\, where ### is the SID of your
> database.
> 3. rename the PWD###.ora file to PWD###.ora.bak for obvious safety
> reasons.
> 4. Create a new pwd file by issuing the command:
> orapwd file=C:\oracle\ora81\database\PWD###.ora password=XXXXX
> where ### is the SID and XXXXX is the password you would like to use
> for the SYS and INTERNAL accounts.
> 5. Start the Oracle service for the instance you just fixed. You
> should be able to get in with the SYS user and change other passwords
> from there.
> But it still says username/password wrong afterwards...
> What could I be missing? Could something be corrupted somewhere else?
> Many thanks!
> Neil

To add to what David and Fabrice said, if you are a local administrator you should be able to connect via sqlplus /nolog then issue connect / as sysdba without ever using a password. One connected as sysdba you are user SYS and can use alter user x identified by password to change the password for user SYS, SYSTEM, etc..... as desired.

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