Oracle 10g, standby creation

From: Fabrice <>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 06:45:52 +0100
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I would like to create a physical standby with Oracle 10g. 2 servers with the same the same structure.

I have read a lot of documentation but I'm always confused about some points.

I would like to recplicate files from my production server to my standby server. So, U have created the same directory for :

  1. pdump, adump..
  2. and all the files : control files, datafile and online redologs.

After cold backup :

  • Do I need to copy the backup of the production online redologs to my standby server. Do the standby could use it ? Or will they be create automatically by Oracle if one day the standby is activated ?
  • standby redo logs : It's very hard for me to know what to do with it. I have understand (i hope) that you need them if we use LGWR instead of ARC. But my confusion is where to create them : Some articles create standby redo logs only on the primary .. others on the standby. None on the both. And sorry I don't undertstand why.

For me, SRL are used by oracle (lgwr/rfs) to write enties directly in it from primary to standby if we use LGWR mode. So You should create the SRL on the standby. But I'm not sure. Why some people do the creation on the primary and not on the standby ?

If we create SRL on the standby, this one should have :
- copy of the cold backup of the online redologs (from primary)

  • and n + 1 SRL. Willo the standby use the copy of the online redo ?

thanks for your help.
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