Re: Why you should disable/change the default accounts?!

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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:39:26 -0700 (PDT)
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On Oct 13, 5:27 pm, Palooka <nob..._at_nowhere.invalid> wrote:
> On 14/10/09 00:10, joel garry wrote:> On Oct 13, 3:05 pm, Palooka<nob..._at_nowhere.invalid>  wrote:
> >> On 13/10/09 22:29, Tech Expert wrote:>  *See at the following short video: how a forgotten /dbsnmp/ user can
> >>> imperil your oracle databases:*
> >>> **
> >>> *
> >>> **
> >>> *Please leave your comments at the youtube page, thanks.*
> >> Technical experts do not post in HTML.
> >> Palooka
> > Is a raw link really HTML?
> No. The post was HTML.
> Palooka

My apologies. Google didn't even bother displaying the HTML. I only just now looked at the "show original," either google does more with it than it used to, or more likely it handles MIME messages by simply ignoring Content-Type: text/html. There is an X complaints contact specifically for usenet in the original post, if you care let them know they ought to tell their users what settings to use.

I agree, if the person is posting on usenet and is claiming to show off their technical expertise, he ought to expect grief posting HTML. The last line of points this out explicitly, though now I see it doesn't matter so much for those of us who use google.

As far as the actual youtube, it's just rehashing some old "look what I can find with google!" post from like 2005 (probably descended from ), which would be kind of useless for someone who doesn't already know about it. It could even be fear-mongering from some viewpoints. A pretty good demonstration of bad video information transfer, it needs a text description of what is happening and why. It would be more entertaining if he was standing up on a bicycle going "look at me!" and fell off and got hit in the nuts with the handlebars. and Pete Finnigan's sites have more useful information.

It is also a little out of the group dynamic to post here and ask for comments there, though he did say please.


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