Re: UPDATE - Ora-19906 when restoring user managed backup - stumped!

From: Ravi <>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 13:00:29 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

On Sep 16, 12:56 pm, gs <> wrote:
> gs wrote:
> > Hemant K Chitale wrote:
> >> Check if you rebuilt the controlfile properly and that the newly
> >> created controlfile IS in use for the Recovery, not an older
> >> controlfile.
> >> Hemant K Chitale
> >>
> > checked all that, all was ok, done this process many times, just this
> > time I was getting error. Finally was able to apply redo and open
> > database with resetlogs, but only after I set the database incarnation
> > to 1 with and RMAN command. Not sure why this was necessary this
> > particular time though. Opened an SR and uploaded alert logs etc.. from
> > prod and test db's, will see if they come up with any useful info..
> Oracles answer was when I try and recreate the controlfile with
> resetlogs (or open database with resetlogs) a new incarnation is
> created, and ends up being an orphan incarnation. Read more about it in
> doc id 577820.1
> Setting db incarnation to 1 fixed the problem for me, but the note says
> to recreate the controlfile to get around this error, which I did and
> that alone did not work. In any case I am up and running now, still
> puzzled as to why this never happened before though...- Hide quoted text -
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Did you happen to upgrade this database to 10g recently? Or has this been at 10g for quite some time? I am just wondering if this is a 10g behavior. Received on Mon Oct 05 2009 - 15:00:29 CDT

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