Re: Anyone out there successfully using Pro*C/C++ in C++ mode?

From: Noons <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 18:15:50 +1000
Message-ID: <hac6fe$43t$>

Ramon F Herrera wrote,on my timestamp of 5/10/2009 12:06 AM:

> (3) Even in C, a very simple programming language, I have found the
> Oracle implementation to be rather primitive (compared to gcc). I
> shudder to think the kinds of mess I would get myself into if I tried
> to uses classes.

I was not aware Oracle had a C compiler implementation?

> I guess the follow-up question is: Has anyone out there been able to
> use classes in conjunction to Pro*C/C++? I highly doubt it.

Nope, never bothered. C++ is most definitely not on as a OO language, no point in wasting time with it. If I wanted to use a OOL, C++ would be my last choice.

> Bonus question: My Oracle version is 10g. Has Pro*C/C++ improved much
> along these 5 years? I am considering the perennial question: to
> upgrade or not to upgrade?

It hasn't changed much except for optimisations to do with the client-side cache and so on. And that's a good thing, IMHO. Doesn't mean one should not upgrade past 10g, if nothing else to get the latest on the db. If it doesn't cause compatibility problems with current applications, I'm all for it. Received on Mon Oct 05 2009 - 03:15:50 CDT

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