Re: oracle has customers over a barrel

From: darko <>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 11:16:18 -0700 (PDT)
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On Sep 12, 4:50 pm, Serge Rielau <> wrote:
> > So what platforms does IBM really sell their DB2 on?
> > We'll never know because IBM doesn't release the numbers. ;-)
> ..then again, who does?
> Heck you'll be hard pressed to get SQL Server numbers
> and they got only one ;-)
> Stating the obvious: Aix, Windows and Linux are the big three on
> distributed.
> Needless to say I doubt SUN is a growth market for DB2 ;-)
> But to clarify the never ending codebase discussion:
> DB2 for LUW is DB2 for LUW is DB2 for LUW
> DB2 for zOS is 100% different server code.
> Compatibility is achieved on the SQL syntax/semantics level.
> In V8 a conscious effort was undertaken to align much more strongly.
> DB2 V8 for z was very SQL heavy.
> Obviously there is a DB2 for LUW layer ~5%ish (we never counted LOC)
> with platform specific tuning and low level APIs. Presumably every cross
> platform product has that.
> The clients are shared code across DB2s and IDS thanks to the common
> DRDA protocol.. which btw is used by Oracle as well when federating with
> DB2 I'm told. As such Oracle is a proper DB2 DRDA client :-)
> --
> Serge Rielau
> SQL Architect DB2 for LUW
> IBM Toronto Lab


Solaris x64 might be nice platform for running DB2 on Intel/AMD machines, including inside VMware or other virtual machines. And these days, I've heard, one can get support for Solaris on Intel/AMD from IBM, HP and other server vendors. That support should not be more expensive than the one for some enterprise Linux flavor. I am about to start testing it.

Sorry for OT from serious topics of this discussion.

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