Re: oracle has customers over a barrel

From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 10:50:40 -0400
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> So what platforms does IBM really sell their DB2 on?
> We'll never know because IBM doesn't release the numbers. ;-)
..then again, who does?
Heck you'll be hard pressed to get SQL Server numbers and they got only one ;-)

Stating the obvious: Aix, Windows and Linux are the big three on distributed.
Needless to say I doubt SUN is a growth market for DB2 ;-)

But to clarify the never ending codebase discussion: DB2 for LUW is DB2 for LUW is DB2 for LUW DB2 for zOS is 100% different server code. Compatibility is achieved on the SQL syntax/semantics level. In V8 a conscious effort was undertaken to align much more strongly. DB2 V8 for z was very SQL heavy.

Obviously there is a DB2 for LUW layer ~5%ish (we never counted LOC) with platform specific tuning and low level APIs. Presumably every cross platform product has that.

The clients are shared code across DB2s and IDS thanks to the common DRDA protocol.. which btw is used by Oracle as well when federating with DB2 I'm told. As such Oracle is a proper DB2 DRDA client :-)

Serge Rielau
SQL Architect DB2 for LUW
IBM Toronto Lab
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