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From: Serge Rielau <>
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 08:40:22 -0400
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hpuxrac wrote:
> I think the current #2 article is on 11g version 2.
> The current #3 article is something about Sun and Oracle ... and how
> fast they are together. A copy and paste gets us these words ...
> Oracle and Sun together are hard to match. Just ask IBM. Its fastest
> server now runs an impressive 6 million TPC-C transactions, but on
> October 14 at Oracle OpenWorld, we'll reveal the benchmark numbers
> that prove that even IBM DB2 running on IBM's fastest hardware can't
> match the speed and performance of Oracle Database on Sun systems.
> Check back on October 14 as we demonstrate Oracle's commitment to Sun
> hardware and Sun SPARC.
> ***
> Curious though the contrast between #2 and #3.
> Care to download 11.2 for Sun Solaris Sparc? Oops ... not yet
> available. How about 11.2 for Sun Solaris x86 ... oops ... not yet
> available.

This TPC-C ad violates a gazillion TPC rules. It will be interesting to see whether TPC has any bite left to put a stop to this or whether Oracle has just killed TPC. According to the rules no-one is allowed to talk and most certainly not compare unpublished TPC results with published once. One also must be very specific about the specs of any results. The reason for these rules is that customers can decide whether the comparison makes any sense.

For example TPC-C partitions very well in a cluster, we have proven that 10 years ago at *gasp* Windows 2000's announcement.


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