Re: A modern DBA is mentored by a database.

From: Noons <>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 21:04:43 +1000
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> week, Grid's segment advisor tool ( showed me a tablespace
> that was 150GB in size out of which I could reclaim 750GB...huh?!

Ah, you see: you are just behind the times.

What you need is the yet-to-be-announced, it fixes all that!

And if you were a nice person that made no noises about their egregious bugs, they would have had you running that release and called you an Ace-something, two years ago.

As is, you're just another "dinosaur". Never mind you might actually know a lot more about their product than 10 of their "Aces" bunched together...

See? It's real easy! You just got to follow the program, toe the line and you'll be automatically a "modern" dba with no need to actually learn the job.

Or not, as the case may be.

> This is what I am going to run mission critical monitoring on in my
> self managing database that is "mentoring me?" LOL!

Aye. Unfortunately, yes.

> So what does Oracle do? Raise prices and alienate the one group that
> would "fight" management for them...the DBA's.

It's also called: shoot oneself in the foot.

It's what they get for selling out to the java mob that runs the place nowadays.
Those could never deliver anything in time. In good Peter's principle fashion, they've raised to the top and rule the place now. There is also another thing that rises to the top but I'll refrain from mentioning it.

As is, I've given up pushing Oracle where I work: SQL Server does a good enough job for a lot less money. We only use Oracle now for a few critical dbs but even those are under scrutiny.

> I love Oracle database software, but if they don't change stuff really
> fast, I honestly think they will go the way of any number of also-rans
> in about ten to 15 years (if that long).

Rest assured if that happens the mob that runs the place will happily go peddle their nonsense to the next big thing. Whatever it may be. It's what they did before and Oracle management was gullible enough to let them in.

> And no, I haven't had a bad day, I just felt like getting it off my
> chest :)

Unfortunately, it's not just you... Received on Thu Sep 03 2009 - 06:04:43 CDT

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