Re: Oracle Advanced Security Option performance

From: Jim Watts <>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 13:53:10 GMT
Message-ID: <h7ltg6$4l0$>

In article <>, John Hurley <> wrote:
>On Sep 2, 9:15=A0am, (Jim Watts) wrote:
>> We are going to be implementing a new Student Information System which
>> will be using Oracle 11G for the database. =A0We are looking at the Advan=
>> Security option and want to determine the additional performance
>> overhead (when used for encryption at the database level and/or at
>> the networking level), along with things to watch out for and any
>> recommendation or experiences.
>> Regards,
>> Jim Watts
>> Kutztown University
>The best recommendation is to actually do the benchmarking at your
>site on your equipment with your own data.
>Try it with and without and see what differences in performance/etc
>you are able to see and force.
>If you are still setting up etc and if you are planning on using linux
>and 11g probably no good reason why not to start out looking at 11.2
>since it is now available for linux.
>We are also "thinking about" a similar configuration but I haven't
>done any extensive testing here. Anecdotal reports seem to note if
>you have a system that has some additional amount of cpu available you
>should not see much impact.

For the most part we will be new to Oracle (only two small oracle databases for packages). So what we want to try and not under size the machines.

We will be using Orcale on x64 Windows and should be starting the project around the begining of October. So the idea will be to use the latest version of the different software part (OS, DB, App).

Oracle had said that it should not be more that 5% additional overhead. I learned along time ago that there can be differences from what the vendor says and what happens once it is being used day to day. Received on Wed Sep 02 2009 - 08:53:10 CDT

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