Re: Death of the DBA

From: geoff <>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2009 13:39:31 -0400
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> Not true, because they are making the management decision based on
> what they've been sold, not on the quality of the companies. In fact,
> there has been a backlash

Those backlashes are on a case by case basis but the overall policy of management is ship the work overseas. IBM has done and continues to ship departments and jobs to India. That is not slowing down and there is no backlash that makes management say, 'whoops, we blew it, lets bring everything back to the US'.

There is also a small company where I live that has sent work to China. They have nothing to show for it but it is so cheap, upper management keeps hoping (or maybe they are fed bs) for results.

One Indian told me all the major companies are in India, Bangalore, Pune, or other places. SAS loves to say they have all their work done by employees (lawn mower to upper management), etc. However, they also have a large operation in India.

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