Cloning a database to same server using Rman. Possible?

From: steven_nospam at Yahoo! Canada <>
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 13:05:28 -0700 (PDT)
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Our company has been using O/S level backups rather than RMAN for the last several years. But with Oracle 10g in use and our certification of Oracle 11 around the corner, I believe we are way overdue to invest some time to upgrade our backup system.

Our systems:
IBM AIX 5.3 TL10
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

The two backups that we perform currently on our OLTP systems are the following:

  1. Oracle Hot Backup, our daily backup method which makes use of the BEGIN BACKUP command and then makes a copy of all the data files and control files into a temporary storage area, later written to tape media. This is only used for emergency restore and for
  2. Oracle Clone Backup. This is an export of the database using "transportable tablespace". We restore that backup into an alternate environment (often on the same server) and use it for month-end report generation, auditing, or as a training or testing database.

I already know that I could use the RMAN instead of my hot backup routines, and I believe implementing the "BACKUP DATABASE" routines using NOCATALOG mode would be perfect for our company needs.

But my question is whether I could use RMAN to accomplish this clone method of backup. In the documents I have read, it indicates that you can use RMAN in 10g to "restore the database to a new host", but I was not able to figure out if I could restore a database to the same host but use a different ORACLE_SID.

Has anyone done this and has some example steps? Or perhaps can recommend a reference to use? I have tried looking on for something similar to what I want to do but could not find it. It all suggests the same database on a different host.

Thx in Advance

Steve N. Received on Fri Aug 21 2009 - 15:05:28 CDT

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