How force a log switch in 8i

From: Fabrice <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 09:38:58 +0200
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I have an Oracle Database under 8i (8.1.7) and also a standby in the same version.
I would like to minimize the difference beetwen the two.

My question is about archived log. The activity of my base is very fluctuating. Sometimes as now I don't have enough activities to trigger the arch process regularly and this for many hours. And in anothers days the activity is "normal" and I get the arch process regularly.

I would like a better control of this process. For example to generate an archived log every 15 minutes by forcing a log switch .
>> To limit the amount of data that can be lost and increases the
>> availability of the standby database.

But I don't how to do that with Oracle 8i. Does it exist a parameter like "ARCHIVE_LAG_TARGET" in the 9i.
Do I have to create a system job which is going to force the swith. But in this case what happen if my job force a switch when oracle trigger in the same moment an arch process ?

Thanks for your help.
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