Re: Tested 11g OLTP compression and found rather serious issue

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> >Hi again,
> >Further findings on OLTP compression :
> But this is just like your previous test.
> You are testing an OLTP feature with a DSS type of update.
> General point with Oracle - understand what a feature is for,
> and then use it when it is supposed to be used, and think
> carefully before using it where it is not supposed to be used.
> Congratulations, by the way, on thinking up a couple of
> good test demonstrations of the types of scenario where
> online compression is not appropriate.
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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your comments.

True, this is not strictly OLTP.

Just a comment on evaluating a feature before use : I guess the challenge here (and in general) is that the terms change so rapidly.

My experience is that almost every system encounters a mixed workload, sooner of later. The rapidly changing business requirements (that being from a short-term wish of saving expenses, developing business or whatever) make it hard for the DBA to predict the future usage of the data. A set of seemingly strict OLTP tables may be included in some DSS/WH application, changing the volatility of those tables suddenly and/or steadily over time.

The DBA can thus suggest a set of proper/ideal solution for that problem (at least from the DBA perspective), but in this world, his/ her solution will be mercilessly cost/benefit evaluated and may be picked or chosen.

The good news is that that DBA's work won't be boring, nor obsolete in the future...:-)

  • Kenneth Koenraadt
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