Re: Error 0403-010 installing CRS Patch in AXI 6L

From: achesere <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 13:30:27 -0400
Message-ID: <h4ncji$1mvv$>

I think it is a shell error. I googled and I found many threads with the same problem (error 0403-010), but not related with Oracle software.

Can you debug the shell script? for example:

ksh -x ../

And find (and post here) the error line.

I agree with Laurenz, you should open a service request. Can you?


HSR "IBM" <> escribió en el mensaje
> I'm installing the patch of CRS from to in AIX 6.1.3
> and when I run the in the first node I have the fallowing
> error:
> <b>ksh: -ism: 0403-010 A specified flag is not valid for this
> command.</b>
> Anybody can help me:
> ===================================================================
> All the log:
> [/oracle/product/CRS/install] . ./
> Error : Please change the CRS_ORACLE_USER id <oracle> to have the
> following OS c apabilities :
> by running </usr/bin/chuser> command then 'crsctl stop crs' and
> 'crsctl start cr s'.
> The CSS daemon, ocssd.bin, will not run in realtime without this
> change
> Oracle strongly recommends that the CSS daemon run realtime
> Creating pre-patch directory for saving pre-patch clusterware files
> Completed patching clusterware files to /oracle/product/CRS
> Relinking some shared libraries.
> Relinking of patched files is complete.
> ksh: -ism: 0403-010 A specified flag is not valid for this command.
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