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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 10:05:59 -0700 (PDT)
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On 19 July, 00:21, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> This is from a blog of someone that I think is ( perhaps ) an Oracle
> ACE ...
> So they have a system going live "soon" with EXCEPTION when others
> apparently all over the place. Looks like it started blowing up ...
> and surprise ... they don't know why.
> Too bad no one has ever warned about what happens with systems built
> like this eh?

I think you completely missed the point, John. As others have commented, she was pointing out the value of proper error reporting:

"....the basics of error handling should not be ignored When an error occurs, we must know what was the error."

It reminds me of the circumstances in which I entered the world of the Oracle DBA. Many years ago, Oracle 7.3.4, in fact, I was a contractor in a government department. At the time, the incumbent Oracle DBA was away for a week and we had a problem that could possibly have required us to revert to the previous night's cold backup. I was tasked with locating the relevant tapes and checking their contents. I tried the tape from the previous night's backup and my heart sank as it appeared to be empty. The tape from the night before was empty aswell. As I worked backwards through tape after tape, it became apparent that we had no backup whatsoever.

I located the script that was run by cron every night and examined it. There, the very last line in the script simply was:

echo "Backup completed." | mail <list_of_recipients>

There was no logic within the script - that line would be executed regardless. Fortunately we found a workaround to the issue, so no real harm was done. Apart to the DBA's career, naturally. When the then-DBA returned from holiday he was "promoted sideways" and I was treated to approximately six weeks worth of training with Oracle :-)

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