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From: Palooka <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 20:57:30 +0100
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joel garry wrote:
> On Jul 16, 10:46 am, wrote:
>> On Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:51:33 GMT, Chuck <>
>> wrote:
>>> I know this is not the best place to ask this question but I have not
>>> been able to find a clear answer on metalink and have not received a
>>> reply or call back from oracle sales on this thought I've been trying
>>> for a couple of days now.
>>> I have several machines that are overpowered for the database instances
>>> running on them. I'd like to shut of or remove CPU's. Can I legally do
>>> that to reduce my licensing cost? The platform is Solaris sparc, Oracle
>>> 10.2.
>>> TIA
>> In the past Oracle stated it was the *capacity* that counted.
>> So if you have 4 cpu sockets, and you fit only 1, you pay for 4 cpu's.
>> You really need to get in touch with a salesrep!

> That's good advice, though I have a cynical view of whether even they
> can keep up with it.
> See
> though there are other things that make it even more complicated
> and who knows what else. Sun hardware has its own special lists, who
> knows how that will be changing now.
> There may also be scary docs to sign to terminate one agreement and
> replace with another, as well as special fees.
> I was unable to do a similar thing a few years ago, but that may have
> been specific to that site/hardware/version/salesperson/cost which are
> all different than OP.

Interesting, though slightly off topic:

Last year I was at a place (a global retail brand) where they had multiple IBM pSeries. Each box was physically fitted with x number of processors, but the customer was only allowed to use a subset of them until the additional "cores" had been licensed with IBM.

I wasn't party as to how the Oracle licences were negotiated for the particular database server LPARs, but doubtless it would have been entertaining.

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