Re: Business Objects performance

From: Ronald Rood <>
Date: 16 Jul 2009 19:42:10 GMT
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Helma <> wrote:
> >
> > One possible approach might be to capture some of the relevant
> > information using a combination of a logon database and logoff
> > database set of triggers and some custom logging code somehow.
> There are a few dedicated B.O. sessions, and reports share these
> sessions from the application server. So the session doesn't stop when
> the report is over, hence i can't use the logoff trigger.
> > Shouldn't there be some set of IT people familiar with this stuff at
> > your site? Some kind of reporting group or Business Objects admin
> > team?
> I agree, there should. In fact, there is, but their focus is on making
> reports. Performance tuning is not part of their skill-set or scope.
> Making a performance trend figure of their reports is way out of their
> line of thought. Performance tuning isn't anyones responsibility, so
> the DBA ( Default Blame Acceptor ?) gets the phonecall.
> I agree that this question is perhaps more a B.O. question than an
> Oracle question, but i haven't found many usefull answers in the B.O.
> community (e.g. the BOB -business objects board and other sites). So i
> put this into the oracle community, in the hope that someone else ran
> into this problem. How do you control the performance of the akward
> B.O. reports?
> HV

What still is left is configuring resource manager and use IT for THE BO sessions with an estimate. Using this can kill THE unacceptable queries before they even get started.
A simple analysis of what THE funktional goal of THE queries is should be made in order to Find something about THE expected runtime. IT often happend that from a functional perspective THE query is ok but just badly implemented.... Resource manager can help.

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