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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 20:22:16 +0200
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>> I know this is not the best place to ask this question but I have not
>> been able to find a clear answer on metalink and have not received a
>> reply or call back from oracle sales on this thought I've been trying
>> for a couple of days now.
>> I have several machines that are overpowered for the database instances
>> running on them. I'd like to shut of or remove CPU's. Can I legally do
>> that to reduce my licensing cost? The platform is Solaris sparc, Oracle
>> 10.2.
>> TIA
> In the past Oracle stated it was the *capacity* that counted.
> So if you have 4 cpu sockets, and you fit only 1, you pay for 4 cpu's.
> You really need to get in touch with a salesrep!

That is not the case anymore. Capacity (sockets) check is only for allowing Standard Edition One (2 sockets) or Standard Edition (4 sockets). Shutting down CPU's won't help. It's the CPU's that count, not whether they work or not. So you could take them out.

Watch out: if you have been using your DB instances on overpowered machines, you may already need to buy licenses if your short on them, certainly if Oracle would check this and see you have been running an overpowered configuration. There is no mercy.... But if you already HAVE enough licenses, you can not just stop support on some. You have to cancel the licenses for canceling some par of your support fees, but you better think twice before doing that

What edition are you running, how many servers and how many/what type of CPU's? How many licenses do you have, and how many/what type of CPU's? Did you consider NUP licenses? (Named User Plus)

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