Re: Oracle 8i, copy database on new server and replay redologs

From: Shakespeare <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 09:48:14 +0200
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John Hurley schreef:
> On Jul 10, 3:48 pm, Shakespeare <> wrote:
> snip
>> "Dude", you're right. Yo! So if people don't want support, we have to
>> provide it here? Darn, I start to sound like Sijbrand.... ;-)

> Well no not exactly.
> My point I was trying to make is that for many various different
> reasons ( some bad ones others due to many others complicating
> factors ) ... there is still no shortage of sites running some old
> ( and in some cases ) very old versions of oracle databases.
> Some ( or perhaps many ) of these sites may no longer have support
> contracts but could well have been legitimate installs ( and
> therefore ... still allowed to run oracle software ) even if the
> software is getting very very old.
> For better or worse there is a whole set of different people in many
> sites now responsible for the oracle database systems that in many
> cases do not have much background or experience. That's just the way
> it is for better or worse.

True. I'm often at sites where DBA's don't even know how to access metalink, even if they have a support number. And the numbers changing every year does not help either....

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