problem with get data statement

From: elodie <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 07:01:19 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi everyone,

I am having a hard time running a get data statement in SPSS. It appears that there could be a problem with the SQL driver. I am clueless as to how to approach this. The syntax and error message are below, I have Xed out some of the details. Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Thanks for the help.


'QTO=T;FRC=10;FDL=10;LOB=F;RST=T;GDE=T;FRL=T;BAM=IfAllSuccessful;MTS=F;'   'MDI=F;CSR=T;FWC=F;PFC=100;TLO=0;'
 /SQL = 'select * from XXX where id=30 and id<999999 order by id'.

>Warning. Command name: GET DATA
>SQLDriverConnect failed :Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 1114 (Oracle in OraClient10g_home3).

>Error # 105. Command name: execute
>This command is not valid before a working file has been defined.
>This command not executed.
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