Re: Oracle 8i, copy database on new server and replay redologs

From: Vladimir M. Zakharychev <>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 00:20:32 -0700 (PDT)
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On Jul 9, 8:50 am, Fabrice <> wrote:
> Thanks for your answer.
> I don't have to let the database open during the night.
> It have been appeared more easy for me to do a shutdown and make the cold
> backup. To be sure to have a coherent backup and be abble to retsore at the
> last point that is to say 01H00PM.
> If I decide to do hot backup, when do you do it. ? During the night ? How
> many time per day ?
> For the moment if my data tablespace is corrupted, I can restore it fom the
> cold backup and do a recover database. The redo of the day will be replay.
> WHY do the exports ?
> Because, I think it is an another security for me. If my cold backup is not
> good and/or I loose my production server I can realise an import to an
> onother instance. As my base is not too big , i can do it.
> But I 'm not sure it is the best solution.
> I looking for informations to perhaps change this siutation.
> If I want to replay the archivied redo logs of the day with the last night
> cold backup copy on the second server, how can I do that ?
> I must not open the database with RESETLOGS. But can youhelp me in the right
> procedure ?
> - copy the files from cold backup to the new server (srv2) : Init.ora + .dbf
> files + redologs file + control files.
> - copy redo logs files (.arc) in place on the new server (srv2).
> - And after mount the database. Not open.
> - And how to replay the archivied redo in the cold backup copy on the new
> server ?
> Thnaks for your help.

RMAN is your best friend and the answer to all your voes. You really need to read Backup and Recovery Guide followed by TFM on RMAN and then practice with various scenarios until you can recover your database waken at 3am, blindfolded and with your preferred hand tied behind your back. :) It's not actually too complex once you grasp the concepts, even though 8i RMAN is light years behind what 10g or 11g can do. The docs can be found here:


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