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Would like to know your comments on the following upgrade path.

Current state:

Oracle -
OS - Hp Ux 11.23
02 Node RAC ( hostA, hostB)
Cluster Management : VCS 4.1
File System/Disk Management : VxFS/VxVM 4.1

Upgrade Plan :
Oracle :
Cluster Management : CRS
File System/Disk management : VxFS/VxVM 4.1

Listing the different options available ( will prefer the plan with minimum downtime)

Approach A :
( say hostC and hostD are new server available)

1. Integrate disk storage equal to the current disk size on hostC
2. Install 9i on hostC
3. Create physical standby on hostC from hostA.
4. Install 10g with CRS on hostC
5. Create "shell" of an Oracle 10g database on the standby system
using the same metadata as the primary but without data. ( export Metadat from live 9i database using rows=N) 6. When switchover planned, activate the standby database on the hostC.
7. Import the tablespaces in hostC from 9i database to 10g databases

8. Install 10g & CRS on hostD
9. Add hostD into cluster.
10. hostA & hostB now becomes dormant and hostC & hostD as live.

Question :
a) is this approach workable?
b) Can VCS and CRS coexist together on host ( step#4). VCS supporting 9i database and CRS 10g "shell" database ? ( at this stage since there is single node hostC )
c) How to add the second host in the clsuter Step#9,#10,#11 can be clubbed together?

Approach B :
(Removing the second node from the live cluster and use it for upgarde process. In this scenario if there are no new server hostC & hostD). We can run all the servies on hostA itself. i.e. Live database will have only hostA . hostB will free which will be used for step#1 to #7 of approach A.

Question :
a) will this approach will be workable?
b) COmment on adding the hostA back on the cluster with 10g & CRS? when ? how?

Approach C:
( Plane approach - Upgrade as it exists. directly upgarde database on
cluster of hostA & hostB )
There will be more downtime here. and steps would be:

  1. Install 10g on separate oracle home. Install CRS
  2. Upgarde the existing databases to 10g

a) any comments?

Thanks & Regards

Unix DBA

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