Re: Automatic checkpoint tuning on RAC

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 20:19:38 +0100
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"Mladen Gogala" <> wrote in message news:h2gbfd$3q8$
>I recently talked about the automatic checkpoint tuning with a colleague
> of mine and we considered setting fast_start_mttr_target to a decent non-
> zero value like 300 on a RAC database. I am aware of the recommendation
> not to set it and the argument for that recommendation is the fact that
> another RAC instance will do a recovery, if an instance fails.

Have you got a reference for the recommendation to not set it ?

It seems to be fairly irrelevant to suggest that it's not needed because "another RAC instance will do a recovery" - the fast_start_mttr_target would surely affect the time it takes that instance to do the recovery.


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