Re: driving_site hint in Materialized View definition

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 08:28:04 +0100
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"Yong Huang" <> wrote in message
> On Jun 27, 9:11 am, "Jonathan Lewis" <>
> wrote:
>> The driving_site() hint is not legal in "create as select"
>> or "insert as select". The select statement has to operate
>> at the database where the create or insert takes place.
>> I think if you search metalink, you'll find a note that makes
>> this point - but I don't have a reference to the doc ID.
> Metalink Note:825677.1 says in
> insert /* DRIVING_SITE(remote_example_data) */ into example_data
> select /* DRIVING_SITE(remote_example_data) */ remote_example_data.*
> from ...
> the first driving_site hint, the one after insert, is ignored. That
> must be the note you're referring to?
> Yong Huang

I should have remembered I had a note on my blog about distributed DML and the irrelevant of the driving_site() hint for DML. It references the metalink note - and reminds me that it was Joel Goodman who pointed it out to me.


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