Re: Basic Scripts for Database Administration

From: exazonk <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 19:02:30 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

> Somehow you just do not seem to be understanding what I have written
> so I will try one last time here.
> The 10g and 11g OEM stuff is the direction is heavily pushing and has
> spent a lot of time and effort developing.  11.2 is right around the
> corner with it I am sure a bunch more changes in OEM capabilities etc.
> Oracle is pushing that direction and many many sites are willing to go
> along with that.  There's a bunch of stuff built in ... canned
> alerting/monitoring with a bunch of functionality.  Fairly easy to
> customize and turn on/off the stuff you don't want.  Easy to have
> alerting in effect on some days/hours but turned off at other times.
> I recommended a couple of times in this thread that you spend some of
> your time getting familiar with what's available "canned" from oracle
> before rejecting it.
> Get some linux box going with 2/4 gig of memory and a 64 bit install
> and get your hands on it and check it out.
> Only after spending some time with it can one get a good idea of what
> is available.
> I use some of it and do other stuff outside of OEM.  My choice ...
> especially I want to drive my backups and rman stuff from the outside
> not from the inside.
> There are a ton of places on the web that offer pretty much complete
> sets of oracle monitoring scripts ... some free some you buy.  Some
> stuff much better than other stuff.
> Good luck whatever you do but spend some time with OEM even if you
> don't deploy it ultimately.

I have checked out OEM from all available versions and I ran into the same issues that Joel mentioned above, so I thought that I'm not alone. When 11.2 comes out I'll install that and check it out as well.

Eventually I'll move into the full GUI of OEM and also double check things as well with independent scripts, but that probably won't be for a while considering the amount of effort required to set up some basic monitoring.

Once again thanks for your time. Received on Tue Jun 30 2009 - 21:02:30 CDT

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