Re: Anyone using nagios?

From: Charles Hooper <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 18:07:15 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

We have been running Nagios (originally called NetSaint) on Linux for the last seven years. While we do not use it for alerting and monitoring of Oracle databases, we do use it to monitor disk space availabilty of Windows servers (with the help of Samba/Winbind), watching for client computers and network hardware that stops responding, verifying that external DNS resolution is working properly, verifying that the Microsoft Exchange SMTP service is up, verifying that the externally hosted website is reachable, and a handful of other tasks. Nagios may also be connected to environmental sensors to monitor room temperature, humidity, standing water, sensors which detect when an open relay is closed, etc. and send out alerts by email, text message, and a couple other methods.

I have not worked with it much recently - basically set it and forget about it. Nagios by default does not use a GUI interface or web page interface for configuration changes, but does provide a graphical view of the online and offline devices and services. I need to find a bit of time to experiment with the program a bit.

Charles Hooper
IT Manager/Oracle DBA
K&M Machine-Fabricating, Inc.

On Jun 29, 4:40 pm, hpuxrac <> wrote:
> If so what do you think about it?
> Are you using it only on linux systems or across multiple unix systems
> or ... ???
> How useable is the alerting and monitoring?
> How long have you been using it and is it something that your IT
> operations area is able to work with?
> Thanks in advance.
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