Re: about setting connection to local database from EM DBControl configure program through IPC

From: Laurenz Albe <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:49:49 +0200
Message-ID: <>

riverdance wrote:
> HI, Thanks for your reply.
> sorry did not explain my environment first.
> it's a DHCP machine, but I have installed local loopback adapter, and
> set IP to fix IP on that adapter.

That's good to know, but some more basic information might give the thing more direction, like what operating system you use, what version of Oracle you have installed.
Is there a firewall of some sort?

> but it seems when I tried to TNSPING using tcp , it works, but using
> SQLPLUS , it hung..
> from the listener log, I found the connection was established on some
> port.. but why SQLPLUS is hung..
> I think that is the reason, when I tried to configure EM , got hung
> using TCP..
> but I don't know what caused that hung thourhg SQLPLUS..

That at least is a starting point.

It looks like you can reach the listener, but cannot reach the server. This can for example happen if there is a firewall active that blocks ports other than the listener port.

  • What is the output of "lsnrctl status"?
  • If you wait long enough when sqlplus hangs, will it eventually terminate? If yes, what is the error?
  • If you enable an Oracle Net Trace (see the Net Services Reference for details), what do you see there?

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